Reasons to need Self Storage Facility in Canton


There are a multitude of reasons a person would need to utilize self storage secure facilities in Canton Ohio, or anywhere else in the country. Whether your home was damaged in a fire or you sold it and have to move sooner than you expected, you need storage space. Perhaps you are being transferred and need a place to store your belongings. Maybe a child returned after completing their secondary education. You could have parents who cannot live alone any longer moving in with the family. Whatever the reason is that you need the services of a self storage facility in Canton, it is important to research before making your decision.

Self storage facilities in Canton Ohio is fortunately plentiful so you won’t have to look too far. Once you begin your search you need to find one that will be located somewhere near where you live. That will make everything much easier.

Prior to your actually renting a Canton Ohio storage unit you should consider the following four things carefully:

1.      Compare the cost of the unit with at least 3-4 others in the area.

2.      Get a very secure lock. Don’t be cheap. Security is paramount.

3.      You could check with the BBB for complaints against the particular Canton Ohio storage facility you may be looking into.

4.      Check to see if your homeowners or renters insurance cover this remote facility. If not, then you can add some or buy the coverage independently. Some storage facilities even provide this type of insurance.

Another consideration would be what size you will be requiring. These storage units (depending on the location) come in many sizes and can be from 5x5 feet up to 20x20 feet. Of course the size of the unity will determine your cost.

Generally the cost is also determined by the location. A storage unit in an out of the way town in the middle of nowhere can be very cheap. If using a storage facility in downtown New York that same size will be considerably different indeed. Typically in most mid-sized markets the 5x5 unit will be between $33-55 and the 20x20 (if they have one that large) would be $175-200.

Then of course you will have to consider if you need video surveillance, alarms, outside security or climate control. As you can see, there is more to think about other than just finding the closest one to your house and renting the unit. Take your time and look around to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

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