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Here are Some Solid Tips to Insure a Smooth Move to Your Chosen Self Storage

1. Once you have chosen your self storage facility for your possessions you will have to give yourself plenty of time to prepare your goods before you move them. Do make sure that the items you are packing into strong containers will not be needed before you begin to move. The more time you take preparing and thinking about your plans for your goods the more likely you are to make the right decisions.

2. When you start to pack begin with your possessions in each room at a time. Anything that is particularly fragile should be clearly labeled, maybe with color coding.

3. Each of the cartons should be clearly marked with its contents.

4. Only wrap things in un-printed newsprint. If you use the average newspaper you may find that the dye from the ink will taint the products.

5. Use specifically designed clean cartons for your possessions. If you pick up cartons from your local grocery stores you can’t expect them to be completely clean. They may not be strong enough to withstand your heavier possessions either.

6. Some household items you cannot ship to your storage facility such as varnish, paint and thinners, kerosene, gasoline, oil, propane gas, nail varnish and ammunition, explosives, cleaning fluids, corrosives and detergents.

7. Irreplaceable photos and financial papers such as insurance policies, bank checks, stock certificates and  legal documents including passports and wills, valuables and jewelry, coin and stamp collections and medical and family history records should be transported personally as private haulage companies don’t like taking the responsibility for such important documents.

8. You should check very carefully what you can store in the self storage facility as this amongst other things determines the size of the storage unit you require.

In the long run to ensure your self storage unit facility is a positive experience you must make sure you have bought your boxes & packing supplies in Louisville in advance so that all your goods are packed into the best containers. There is always a perfect match when it comes to packing goods and one thing for sure you want to be certain your prized items are comfortable and well packed in the containers you have chosen for them. If you are packing something particularly fragile wrapping it in bubble wrap first helps to ensure it is not damaged through the package inadvertently being banged around. 

There is nothing worse than opening up your favorite guitar and finding the strings broken and the surrounds cracked and damaged. You can get insurance for your treasured possessions when they are moved from one place to the other but that will only be valid if you have used the correct packaging materials in the first place and don’t worry insurers never pay out for anything unless they have checked the way you have packaged your possessions in the first place..

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